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This page is intended to be a starting point for the development of a community wherein:

- according to the principle 'learning = researching what and how YOU want' you can achieve an academic degree being totally free in composing your curriculum (from within the whole scientific world) and based on the writing of papers and a quantitative condition (number of credits)

- according to the principle 'researching = being independent + thinking + learning + debating + writing' you can do your own scientific research

We want to be an academy of the people, aspiring a free, creative unfolding of knowledge, as opposed to the human progress inhibitng forces emerging from fixed curricula, capitalism embedded institutes, forclosed scientific schools and (narcissistic) reputations. Where for us human progress = increasing liberté, égalité & fraternité.

Inspiring phrases can be taken from:

John Dewey: education should be a process of ongoing individual reconstructing of experiences

and: democracy (as a way of living together) has to be born again every generation, and education (as above) is its midwife

Carlo Rovelli: science should be exercised as learned rebellion

James March: Don Quixote exhibits a sanity of identity more than a sanity of reality

and: science, as an institute of learning, should be cherished as an object of beauty and affirmation of humanity

Karl Marx: people make their own history, but not determined by their free will, not under self-chosen, but under handed circumstances which they are surrendered to

Carl Rogers: I don't believe that anyone has ever taught anything to anyone. I question that efficacy of teaching. The only thing that I know is that anyone who wants to learn will learn. And maybe a teacher is a facilitator, a person who puts things down and shows people how exciting and wonderful it is and asks them to eat

John Taylor Gatto: traditional education with its conditions concerning curriculi, tests and trials, makes people emotionally, intellectually, psychologically and sociologically dependent instead of accompanying them on their way to fully-fledged personalities

René Girard: free judgement, free Bildung will always raise subversive violence, so free Bildung is the scapegoat that has to be killed by the sacrificial ritual that is traditional education

Sigmund Freud: the psychopathological human being represents an enlargement of the motives inside every human being

Me: the skewed power relation within the teacher-class setting will often derail the behavior of the teacher and thus inhibit the development of pupils

Paul Feyerabend: no single method, so not even anarchism, should be allowed to play a totalitarian role in what we call science. Anything goes, even laymen science (but not totalitarian of course)

Sugata Mitra: self-organised learning (with the 'encouraging granny' as the only guidance) is even in traditional educational goals equally effective as traditional education. But children are no tradition, they are the future! So let them be the owner of their education so that they will fit best in their future.

Me: self-organised learning will automatically question and intervene in the existing order of interests

Ivan Illich: school is the advertising office making you to believe you need society as it is -> society needs to get deschooled; schools need to get deinstitutionalised, among others by ending compulsory (mass) education and creating open free markets bringing together suppliers and demanders of skills and knowledge entities instead.

Me: schools primary function should be the protection of childrens self-determination. So school in the sense of a way for physical isolation from any potential threat to childrens self-determination by adults (including teachers!) and school attendance should stay compulsory

One project of my own which I'd like to invite people to join me is a kind of activistic research at power inequality. For now, it is only in the Dutch language, see:

control rule


contact: Thijs Bollen via mail



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